Watering Instructions

We would like to thank you again for buying your sprinkler system from us.


Your sprinkler system is divided into different zones. These zones represent different areas of the yard. These areas can have one of three different types of heads. Large open areas of the lawn will have the pop-up rotary heads. These heads will pop-up and throw a single stream of water as they turn. Since they are covering a large area, they must run 30 to 45 minutes to apply the proper amount of water.


The second type of head in your lawn areas is the pop-up spray type. These heads cover your smaller lawn areas. These heads should run for 15 to 20 minutes. The exception would be shaded north side areas, which would need 5 to 10 minutes and parking strips out beside walks and streets, which would need 20 to 30 minutes.


The third type of head in your system is the spray risers in your beds. These heads should run for l0 to l5 minutes because beds will not need as much water as your lawn areas. If your beds are watered with drip irrigation, always set it for 60 minutes.


Since every yard is different, you may want to experiment with the upper or lower ranges of minutes until you find what works best for your yard. As an example, north side sand and valley soils drain out faster and require a little more water. Clay type soils such as found on the South Hill tends to hold the water better and require lower run times.


Once you find the proper run time for your different zones, you can leave them alone and let "how many days out of the week" be your variable. As a rule of thumb when the temperatures are in the '70s, water every other day. Temperatures in the '80s should be watered every day. If in doubt, overwatering is the better choice. It is easier to shut the system off for a few days if it is too wet rather than to play catch-up if you get behind. Remember, the wind is the biggest factor in drying out your yard.


If you should be gone and find that you got behind because the weather got hot, you can make up for it by setting your system to come on twice a day until you get caught up. Also, be cautious about shutting the system off during a summer shower. The average rainstorm from July through September 15th does not put down 1/2 of one watering cycle. As you go through this first season with your new system, please call if you have any questions. We want this to be your most maintenance free summer ever. 


Thanks again for buying your system from B&B Sprinklers!