Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with this packet for a B & B Sprinkler system. For over 60 years, B & B sprinkler has been the industry leader in home sprinkler systems for Spokane and the Inland Northwest. At B & B sprinklers, Inc'' sprinklers are our specialty - not a sideline. This allows us to concentrate our efforts toward one goal - to provide you with the most dependable, furl coverage system available today.



For most of our customers, this is the first time they have shopped for a sprinkler system and have many questions on what to look for in making their decision'


For a moment' set aside price, products, warranties, etc. and consider that what you really are shopping for is a "freedom of lifestyle" a freedom that comes only if the system is dependable' demonstrates full coverage and uses a controller that is user friendly, a quality system comes from using the best materials, state of the art layout and design and professional installation. At B & B Sprinkler, we address each of the components and back them with the best warranties in the business.


Parts & Materials

We will build your new system using Rainbird Professional & Commercial Grade heads, valves, and controllers. Throughout the years we have tried all the brands available and have found Rainbird to be the most dependable, full line of irrigation equipment. other brands may cost less initially, but that savings will soon be lost to higher maintenance and repair costs. B & B sprinkler warranties all Rainbird material for 5 years- parts and labor'


Design & Layout

A quality design will consist of many components including water pressure, water flow, head type", head placement and separation of zones (valves). An even "green" does not come from an even blanket of water. We will take into account shaded vs. sunny; lawn vs. shrub beds, parking strips, and gardens. All take different amounts of watering. B & B sprinkler will use our 60 years of experience to provide you with a design that is not only "full coverage" but also the most water efficient-saving a precious resource.